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Average Monthly Payment Plan SIGN UP

  1. What is Average Monthly Payment Plan?

    Average Monthly Payment plan simplifies household budgeting by using a 12-month rolling average of utility bills so you pay approximately the same amount each month. The higher bills that occur during months of high electric/water usage are leveled out over the year. The plan is open to all NON-SOLAR residential customers who have lived at the same address for the past 12 months with no more than TWO COLLECTION notices. For more information, call Utility Customer Service at 359-4541. 

  2. How to sign up for the Average Monthly Payment Plan

    To enroll & be accepted for the Average Monthly Payment plan, read the policy and contract and fill out your information below. You must meet or agree to the following requirements (six part) policy & contract.

  3. 1. A residential customer at the same address for the previous 12 months. (Commercial customers are not eligible for this plan)*
  4. 2. This agreement is extended with the understanding that all utility accounts are to be kept in good standing on a monthly basis. If the account is not paid by the due date and becomes subject to collection procedures, the customer will be removed from the Average Monthly Payment plan and the total account will be due.*
  5. 3. If this agreement is canceled by the City of Edmond or if the customer withdraws from the plan, the customer will not be eligible to enter into another plan for average billing for one full calendar year and any monies owed within the plan will be due upon withdrawal.*
  6. 4. If a customer wishes to transfer service to another address in the Edmond area, they may do so. The current payment plan amount will transfer to the new account but will be monitored to insure the customer’s account remains within the Average Monthly Payment Plan Policy.*
  7. 5. If the account has a credit balance, this balance cannot be used for payment unless the customer withdraws from the plan.*
  8. 6. Accounts must be paid to a zero balance before the average billing plan can begin.*
  9. I understand and agree to the terms and conditions for the Average Monthly Plan as noted above. Submission of this form along with a zero balance will commence AMP on my utility account *
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