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Edmond Fire Department - Six Month Residential ONLY Burn Permit Application

  1. The following permit is being issued for a period of six months from the start date indicated on the permit. This burn permit requires homeowners to read and understand all requirements as outlined below. By electronically clicking the agree button or signing this document you agree to all safety rules and conditions of the burn permit and the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Title 252, Chapter 100, Subsection 13 - Open Burning.
  2. This should be today's date.
  3. This date is 6 months from the Start Date
  4. Residential Size Limit: 10x10x6 feet - Limit of one (1) pile
    Upon inspection, larger residential burn piles or complaints may require the use of properly designed air curtain incinerator.
  5. Burn Permit Safety Guidelines
  6. 1. Burning permits are issued for “Yard Brush” burning of cut or broken branches, limbs, shrubbery, or tree trimmings. It does not include refuse, grass clippings, loose or bulk leaves, in-ground tree stumps, any non-vegetative material or building materials.*
  7. 2. The person holding the permit shall contact the Edmond Fire Department burn line at 216-7999 each time the permit holder needs to burn. Permission is granted on a daily basis. The burning line information is active from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily.*
  8. 3. If current conditions allow burning, no burn permit site shall be left unattended unless the fire has been completely extinguished.*
  9. 4. Burn times are three hours after sunrise and must stop three hours before sunset, additional fuel shall not be added to the burn pile.*
  10. 5. The burn pile shall be completely extinguished before sundown.*
  11. 6. The burn permit site and the materials to be burned are subject to inspection at any time during the 6 month permit period by any officer of the Edmond Fire Department and or the Department of Environmental Quality.*
  12. 7. Each permit holder shall be responsible for providing adequate safety precautions to control the permitted burn pile. Gasoline shall not be used to ignite any burn pile(s). Residential burn piles shall be located a minimum of 150' from structures off the property, 50' from structures on the property and a minimum of 30' from public roadways. All burn piles shall be located approximately 25' from overhead wires/cables. The area around the burn pile shall be clear of excessive vegetation.*
  13. 8. Any permit holder obtaining a burn permit does so at their own risk and in no event shall any liability or damages be imposed upon the representative or process approving this permit, the Edmond Fire Department or the City of Edmond if damages and/or injury are sustained as a result of any burning.*
  14. 9. Failure to comply with any provisions of this permit and/or its application may result in the loss of future burning privileges and/or the issuance of a municipal citation charging the permitee/applicant with direct violation of City Ordinance #993, Fire Prevention Code.*
  15. 10. All permit applications shall be on site and available for inspection by the Edmond Fire Department and /or the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).*
  16. By checking all the required guidelines above you are stating that you have read, understand and agree with all the safety rules, liabilities and conditions as detailed in this permit and the Department of Environmental Quality Chapter 100, Subchapter 13.
  17. Please print permit for records. A digital or print copy of burn permit is required on burn site.
  18. Please Note:
    Filling in your email address in the field below is not part of the Burn Permit Application Form. This only allows for you to receive an emailed copy of your submission. If you do not wish to receive an email copy, please deselect the checkbox. If your application is denied, we will contact you directly at the phone number or email address you provided in the form fields above.
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