Why is Edmond making this change?
There are several benefits to the new TotalCare ambulance program. Edmond residents will pay less for the program. In addition, funding ambulance service through a special fee frees up General Fund tax dollars for vital city services, such as street maintenance, maintenance of our parks, many public safety programs and other community needs.

When you have a medical emergency, there are a lot of unknowns. If you need emergency ambulance care and you participate in this program, you can know that with TotalCare, you're totally covered!

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1. If I participate, who is covered?
2. I have insurance and/or Medicare. Why should I participate? Isn't it like I'm paying for the same thing twice?
3. What if my personal insurance and/or Medicare doesn't cover the full cost of the claim?
4. I have Medicaid. Why should I participate?
5. What constitutes an emergency transport?
6. What constitutes a non-emergency transport?
7. Do participating customers receive benefits for non-emergency transports, too?
8. Are there any excluded services?
9. If I opt out but later change my mind, can I resume participation?
10. If I opt out next October will I have to opt out every October?
11. I pay the EMSAcare fee at my home, but my husband lives in a nursing home. Does he need a separate membership?
12. I pay for utilities at my two rent homes, in addition to my residence. Are my renters covered if I only pay the EMSAcare fee on my home?
13. I live at an apartment complex. How do I opt out?
14. I have an active EMSAcare membership. What does this mean for me?
15. Will EMSA still have TotalCare?
16. I own/operate a nursing home/assisted living facility. What does this mean for us?
17. I work in Midwest City (or other community EMSA does not serve), but EMSA doesn't respond out there. What happens if I need an ambulance then?
18. What about people who don't have insurance?
19. What if I need an ambulance while on business in Tulsa?
20. I live outside of Edmond but receive an Edmond utility bill. What does this mean for me?
21. Why is Edmond making this change?