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Posted on: October 16, 2023

Edmond joins group paving the way to Route 66's Centennial Celebration in 2026

Midpoint Corridor communitiesWith an eye toward the centennial celebration in 2026, Edmond and 10 other cities along Route 66 have formed the MidPoint Route 66 Association.

This association is dedicated to enhancing the curbside appeal of Route 66 and the communities nestled between Tulsa, Route 66's Capital City, and Oklahoma City, the state's capital. These 11 cities include Sapulpa, Arcadia, Luther, Depew, Bristow, Chandler, Edmond, Davenport, Stroud, Wellston, and Kellyville, and are the lifeblood of the iconic Mother Road of Route 66.

Meet the cities on Oct. 20 at 10 a.m. at the original Chicken Shack, 18725 East Hwy 66. They are representing the 100 Miles of Christmas celebration along Route 66 and lighting up their community with different themes beginning on Nov. 16 with Sapulpa's Christmas Chute.

The 100-year anniversary and centennial celebration of Route 66 in 2026, and the MidPoint Route 66 Association has set its sights on a monumental goal: to dramatically improve and prepare these 11 communities for this momentous occasion. With a vision to create an unforgettable experience for travelers and locals alike, the association aims to rejuvenate and honor the spirit of Route 66 and showcase its historical significance.

Under the guidance of founder Eddy Gochenour, an entrepreneur known for his commitment to community development, the MidPoint Route 66 Association will work tirelessly to enhance the beauty and charm of Route 66 and its surroundings.

"Our first big milestone is Christmas," Gochenour said. “We are proud to announce we have come together as a unified voice and have selected our Christmas themes and are all supporting each other. We are scheduling the date of each town to light up their Christmas lights.”

The association also is working to make sure everyone is aligned with tourists and visitors when the scheduled festivals and other traditional events occur throughout the year in each town along Route 66. The association aims to create an inviting atmosphere that encapsulates the essence of this iconic highway.

The centennial celebration of Route 66 in 2026 will be an opportunity to showcase the rich history, culture, and scenic beauty that this iconic highway represents. The MidPoint Route 66 Association invites all stakeholders, businesses, and community members to join hands in this remarkable endeavor. Together, we can pave the way for an unforgettable journey along the Mother Road.

Watch this VIDEO to see how Oklahoma cities are collaborating and ramping up for the Route 66 Centennial in 2026.

About MidPoint Route 66 Association:
The Point Route 66 Association, led by founder Eddy Gochenour of the Chicken Shack, is an organization committed to enhancing the manicuring and curbside appeal of Route 66 and the 11 communities between Tulsa and Oklahoma City in Oklahoma. With a focus on preparing for the 2026 centennial celebration of the Mother Road, the association aims to revitalize and preserve the historical significance of these communities. Through collaborative efforts, the MidPoint Route 66 Association strives to create an unforgettable experience for travelers and locals alike.


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