Intelligent Transportation Systems

ITS includes the use of field devices, communications infrastructure, and computer systems in an effort to improve traffic safety and mobility during congested periods, construction activities, maintenance activities, and incidents such as traffic collisions and other emergencies. ITS will assist staff in the overall monitoring of the roadway network for failures, and provide tools for allowing the changing of traffic patterns.

The Traffic Management Center (TMC) located in the Engineering Department is where traffic will be monitored for traffic incidents and other traffic congestion issues. If an incident or congestion issue is detected the situation will be evaluated and if an adjustment can be made to help move traffic away from or around that situation then the appropriate adjustment will be made.

The monitoring will be accomplished through a network of fiber optic cables that will allow information to flow from the traffic lights to the TMC and back to the traffic lights.

All signalized intersections and school zones are expected to be on line at a rate of approximately 20 intersections per year pending the availability of funding. 

Current ITS Progress

Phase 3, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) on 15th Street and on Kelly Ave

The current phase of ITS consists of installing 10.5 miles of fiber optic cable and replacing the traffic signal cabinets and controllers and associated signal equipment at 22 intersections on 15th Street from Santa Fe to I-35 and on Kelly from south City limits to Robin Hill. These intersections will connect to the Traffic Management Center via fiber optics and wireless communication network.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) opened bids on October 14, 2021. The low bid was $10,626,458.80. The City will receive $7,434,277 in Federal funds with the remaining funds coming from the 2000 Capital Improvement Sales Tax Fund. After completion of the phase 3 project, 64% of the traffic signals in Edmond will be following the latest standards while the remaining 36% continue to run off older technology.

August 2023 Update:

Phase 3 began in May 2022 and was anticipated to be complete by August 2023. The contract time for this project is 450 days. As of July 31, 2023, the project has run 478 days. Additional time will be added to this contract due to supply chain issues and the additional work created by the I-35 Frontage Road and turnaround bridge project by ODOT.

City staff held a project status meeting with the main contractor, sub-contractors, and ODOT inspectors on August 10, 2023. The fiber sub-contractor has delivered 22 ethernet switches to the City for programming. The fiber sub-contractor advised the City that they overlooked ordering the CCTV brackets, which are now on an 8-week backorder. Staff advised them to use the brackets that come with the CCTV and swap them out when the new brackets arrive.  

Staff is still waiting on the fiber sub-contractor to provide a cost estimate to relocate the existing fiber under I-35, which must be moved for the I-35 improvement project. That project will begin in 2024.