***All trees for the 2023-24 planting program have now been reserved, and registration has closed.


The Foster-A-Tree program is a partnership between the City of Edmond Urban Forestry Department and Edmond residents or neighborhoods. As availability and planting space allows, the City will plant a tree in the street right-of-way adjacent to a resident's property, who commits to providing initial care that will help the tree to get established. Urban Forestry will also provide an irrigation bag to make watering easy.

Why is the City of Edmond offering to plant these trees?

Street trees provide numerous benefits for a community, including improved air quality, reduced storm water runoff, urban heat island mitigation, benefits related to human health, and more. Through the Foster-A-Tree program, the City of Edmond is able to partner with residents to enhance tree canopy throughout the City, increasing the impact of local trees and supporting urban forest resilience through tree species diversity.

Where can foster trees be planted?

  • Inside of Edmond city limits, on public streets only.
  • Within the public right-of-way, which is close to the street
  • Where they will have space to mature without conflicting with utilities, other trees, and infrastructure.

How does this benefit my community and me?

  • Purchasing and planting a tree can be expensive and labor intensive. Foster-A-Tree reduces your out-of-pocket cost (all you need to supply is the water!) and the planting is done for you.
  • Energy savings, increased property values, traffic calming effects, and many other tree benefits may be experienced.
  • Your foster tree will be pruned the 3rd and 6th years after planting to encourage good structure and address potential defects.
  • Participants directly contribute to the tree benefits experienced throughout Edmond!

What will the Urban Forestry Department do?

  • Identify eligible planting spots in your yard and provide a list of available tree species for you to choose from.
  • Plant up to one tree per residence every two years, as long as planting space and program availability allow. (If you are a neighborhood group you can receive up to five trees – see below)
  • Contact OKIE811 for locating and marking of all underground utilities.
  • Purchase and plant the tree. All trees will be planted within the public right-of-way.
  • Perform training pruning to improve tree structure during the 3rd and 6th years after planting.

What must the participant do?

  • Complete the online registration form.
  • Commit to the full two-year term of the Foster-A-Tree Agreement, which includes hand watering and basic maintenance according to the Foster-A-Tree Maintenance Guide.
  • Protect the tree from damage by lawn maintenance equipment, pets, construction, or anything else that could cause the tree unnecessary harm.
  • Understand that only ONE tree per property may be planted; however, after the two-year agreement period has passed, participants may sign up again!

Can My Neighborhood Sign Up to Receive Foster Trees?

  • Yes! Neighborhood foster trees can go in the street right-of-way adjacent to a common area, in a median, along a neighborhood entrance, or any area where lawn maintenance is managed by the neighborhood association.
  • A maximum of five trees are available to neighborhoods per maintenance agreement (two years).
  • As with individual participants, all neighborhood foster trees must be planted in the public right-of-way.
  • When using the registration form for a neighborhood group, be sure to make note of the association's name in the form.