Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division exists to ensure the safety, functionality, integrity, and projected lifespan of all City of Edmond Council accepted public roads and related right-of-ways, which totals over 1,300 lane miles. Proactive and preventive measures are consistently examined and planned to minimize reactive responses to problem areas. Some of the maintenance activities performed include:
  • Administer the sidewalk partnership program
  • Improve the visual quality of roads and right-of-ways through litter control and vegetation management activities
  • Perform both asphalt and concrete pavement repair / replacement activities
  • Perform preventive maintenance activities such as crack sealing and skin patching
  • Perform storm sewer system maintenance activities

Traffic Maintenance

The Traffic Division has three primary areas of responsibility; traffic signals, traffic signs, and streetlights. This division is responsible for maintaining over 100 traffic signals, 21 school zone flasher locations, over 13,000 traffic signs, over 150 road miles of pavement markings, and over 5,000 street lights. Maintenance activities performed by this division include:
  • Maintain pavement markings to a safe and visible condition, in accordance to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
  • Perform preventive maintenance on all city owned traffic signals and street lights
  • Repair of city owned street / security lights, which includes everything from bulb replacement to faulted line repair
  • Repair, replacement, and installation of all city owned traffic signs, in accordance to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
  • Repair of traffic signals, both emergency and nonemergency. Traffic signals are very complex and require highly trained technicians to perform these repairs

Wastewater Line Maintenance

The Wastewater Line Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining Edmond’s over 450 miles sanitary sewer collection system, including over 10,000 manholes. The surface area of the collection system is 36,591 acres. The division is responsible for the following maintenance activities:
  • Making point repairs to the collection system
  • Performing manhole inspections within the collection system
  • Performing preventative maintenance activities on the collection system
  • Removing blockages within the collection system

Water Line Maintenance

The Water Line Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining Edmond’s over 500 miles of water distribution system, over 4,000 hydrants in the fire protection system, and over 27,000 residential and commercial water meters. Maintenance activities include the following:
  • Administer the water meter change out program
  • Install new residential water meters
  • Perform leak detection on the distribution system
  • Perform preventative maintenance of distribution system valves and fire hydrants
  • Perform repairs related to main line breaks and service line leaks
  • Perform utility line locates upon request