Current Road Construction Projects

2nd and Bryant

This project consist of adding dual left turn lanes and a single right turn lane for all four directions. New signal lights will be installed and connected back to the Traffic Management Center. New water lines and sanitary sewer lines will also be included with this project.

The City awarded this project to Crossland Heavy Contractors in the amount of $7,478,800.

October 2021 update: Construction began on June 21, 2021 and is expected to last for 12 months with cooperative weather. The project is funded with 100% City funds from the 2017 Capital Improvement Sales Tax Fund.  

Phase 3, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) on 15th Street and on Kelly Ave

This project consists of installing 10.5 miles of fiber optic cable and replacing the traffic signal cabinets and controllers and associated signal equipment at 22 intersections on 15th Street from Santa Fe to I-35 and on Kelly from south City limits to Robin Hill in order to bring them into compliance with the National Transportation Communication for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol (NTCIP) standards. These intersections will connect to the Traffic Management Center via fiber optics and wireless communication network.

October 2021 update: The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) opened bids on October 14, 2021. The low bid was $10,626,458.80. The City will receive $7,434,277 in Federal funds with the remaining funds coming from the 2000 Capital improvement Sales Tax Fund. ODOT will award the project at the December 1, 2021, Traffic Commission meeting.

After completion of the phase 3 project, 64% of the traffic signals in Edmond will be following the latest standards while the remaining 36% continue to run off older technology.

Covell and I-35 Ramp Signals

This project consists of widening the northbound off ramp and the southbound on ramp to increase lane capacity. Traffic signal lights will be installed at the northbound and southbound on/off ramp intersections on Covell. These signals will be designed with the latest Intelligent Transportation System technology and will be connected to the Traffic Management Center.

The city awarded this project to All Roads Paving in the amount of $1,735,628.98.

October 2021 update: Construction began on September 29, 2021. The City is providing 100% of the construction costs from the 2017 Capital Improvement Sales Tax Fund. The contract length is 90 days with cooperative weather.

Covell and Cheyenne Middle School/Uptown Market

This project will construct a traffic signal light at the intersection to provide for safer movements onto Covell Road. The city opened bids on October 14, 2021. The low bid was from Midstate Traffic Control in the amount of $811,047.

October 2021 update: This project will be funded using 100% city funds from the 2000 Capital Improvement Sales Tax. The anticipated start is December 2021.