Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas trees can be recycled this year by dropping them off at Mitch Park by January 31, 2024. Trees are chipped, and free mulch will be available for residents to pick up at Mitch Park. 

Drop Off Location

Residents may drop off their Christmas tree at Mitch Park, in the north parking lot adjacent to Marilyn Williams Drive (east of the pavilion and playground).


The trees will be chipped, so please remove all tree stands, nails, and ornaments.

Commercial accounts, Christmas tree lots, and other businesses will also need to dispose of their trees by dropping them off at the Mitch Park drop-off location.

Schedule Tree Collection

If you can't drop off your tree, residential customers can schedule a special, free collection the week before January 8. Call the tree-cycling hotline at (405) 359-4701 between January 2 and January 5 to be placed on the schedule. Collection will be provided during the week starting Monday, January 8, and ending Friday, January 12.

When placing your tree out for collection, please do not cover your water meter.

Trees may not necessarily be picked up on normal trash collection day. So, those who have called the hotline must place their tree at the curb before 7:00 am Monday, January 8 to be included in this collection.


If You Miss the Special Collection:

  • Cut your tree into smaller pieces and place it in your cart for regular collection. Ensure that no debris is sticking out of the closed container.
  • Schedule a monthly, bulk collection for January by calling Utility Customer Service at (405) 359-4541 beginning January 2. The bulk collection fee is $10 per cubic yard for the first two cubic yards and $5 for each additional cubic yard.
  • Take your tree to the Transfer Station located at I-35 and Covell Road for disposal. The charge for disposal of a Christmas tree is $5.

Why Recycle Your Christmas Tree?

Pinewood and needles are excellent mulch-making materials. Even if you miss the City's tree-cycling program, you can recycle your Christmas Tree to make natural wood chip and pine straw mulch! Just let the tree dry, have the branches chopped, and then let the wood chips rot before using them to mulch around trees and shrubs. If you don’t have a woodchipper, the pine needles work well also since they dry quickly but decompose slowly.

What is Pine Mulch?

Pine mulch is an organic mulch made from fallen pine needles (also known as “straw”) or pine tree bark. Pine straw mulch is a popular mulch because it is lightweight yet remains stable and cohesive. Pine mulch is an indispensable part of landscaping and gardening because it reduces water evaporation in soil, suppresses weeds, limits erosion, and adds nutrients to soil. Coming from the shedding of various pine tree species, pine mulch is completely natural and sustainable. After the pine needles have dried, they become pine straw. Pine straw can be used as a yard or garden mulch, much like wood mulch, straw, or shredded leaves. 

Benefits of Pine Straw Mulch:

  • Dense: Holds in moisture and moderates soil temperature.  
  • Porous: Water can easily soak through.
  • Loose: Loose and light so it is easy to redistribute if needed.
  • Attractive: An attractive complement that fits the look of most yards.
  • Stable: Forms a stable mat that is difficult to wash or blow away.
  • Inexpensive: Can be produced from your own pine trees, for free pine straw mulch.