Conservation University


Welcome to Conservation University!

As residents of Edmond, you are part of Conservation University’s student body, enrolled and ready to learn water conservation!

Conservation University has a diverse student body made up of all ages. We are dedicated to teaching everyone about using water responsibly. Whether you live in an apartment or on a large acreage, there are ways we can all save water. Explore using the buttons below to learn how!

What is Conservation University?

In Edmond, typical water consumption during the winter is about 8 million gallons per day. In the summer months, that number can more than triple to 26 million gallons per day. This is mainly due to outdoor irrigation use. To meet such a large peak demand, especially as Edmond’s population grows, the City is making expensive improvements to its water distribution system over the next few years. The need to conserve water and use it wisely is more important than ever. Conservation University’s mission is to facilitate an environment where residents learn and practice methods to do just that!

Faculty at Conservation University are experts in their field, ready to provide an abundant wealth of information. There are classes on outdoor water irrigation system improvements and making the most of your landscapes. Check out our resources to find a topic that applies to your watering needs and study up on how you can make a difference.

We look forward to seeing how Conservation University prepares you for a future where wasting water is something of the past.

Every drop counts!

College Spirit Song:

We are Conservation U!
Saving water’s what we do!
We have a wondrous plan
To keep our city grand!
We learn it all at Conservation U!