EMSAcare Ambulance Program

EMSA to AMR Transition

The City of Edmond is in the process of transitioning from EMSA to AMR for our emergency medical ground transport service. After this transition, the $3 monthly charge on utility bills will still be available to residential customers for participation in AMR's program. The sign-up period will also remain the same from Oct. 1-31. No action will be required for customers to remain at their current enrollment status. The intended target date to begin services with AMR is Dec. 1, 2023. EMSA is our current provider until an official notification of the transition to AMR is announced. Please see EMSA’s information below for current coverage.

  • Click here for more information about the transition from EMSAcare to AMR.

With EMSAcare, You're Totally Covered!

As a City of Edmond residential utility customer, you have the opportunity to participate in the EMSAcare Ambulance Program. In the event you need an ambulance for a medical emergency, with EMSAcare, you're totally covered! EMSAcare ambulance coverage provides you and permanent residents of your household emergency ambulance service through EMSA, with no personal out of pocket expense. EMSAcare has you covered even during a medical emergency that takes place away from your home. You can be located anywhere within the EMSA service area to utilize this program.

Each year from October 1 to October 31, residents will have the opportunity to opt in or opt out of the program. You can do so by calling Utility Customer Service at (405) 359-4541.

It is important to note that if you did not opt out last year, you are enrolled in the program. To confirm, please check your utility bill statement for the $3 monthly charge. No action is required should you want to remain at your current status. If you are not enrolled and want to sign up or want to opt out of the program, you must call the Utility Customer Service department at (405) 359-4541 to do so.


The cost is only $3 per month, which will be billed on your utility bill. The first billing cycle for each year begins in November. All new participants opting into EMSAcare will have coverage effective November 1.

For Renters That do Not Pay a Drainage Utility Bill

Apartment owners are required to notify tenants if they choose to opt out of the EMSAcare program. See Resident Notification (PDF). If you do not pay a City of Edmond utility bill and your apartment has chosen not to participate, you can call (405) 396-2888 and sign up individually for EMSA's EMSAcare program.

Choosing to Participate

You can opt in or opt out of the program during the month of October by calling Utility Customer Service at (405) 359-4541. If you choose to opt in, you will be charged the $3 monthly fee on your utility bill beginning November 1. Please make sure all permanent residents in your home over the age of 18 are listed on your utility account. If you choose to opt out, you may be responsible for out-of-pocket expenses associated with treatment, should you require EMSA ambulance care. The cost of emergency ambulance care begins at $1,300 and $19 per mile transported. Please note that the customer calling to opt out must be the utility customer.

What is Not Covered

EMSAcare does not cover non-emergency transports to and from doctors' offices, dentists' offices, physical therapy centers, pharmacies, and other facilities. A non-emergency transport is an ambulance transfer that does not end at a hospital emergency room. Non-emergency transports are fully covered only if insurance or other third-party coverage covers a portion of the claim, and if a physician certification statement (establishing medical need for the ambulance transport) is provided. When no insurance or third-party coverage is available, EMSAcare members pay a reduced fee (40 percent off the standard non-emergency rate) for medically necessary non-emergency transports.


EMSA will collect payment from your insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare if you participate in the ambulance program. To receive EMSAcare benefits, you must provide EMSA with your insurance / third-party payer information and furnish any information requested by your insurance company after a transport. Out-of-pocket expense will be covered by your EMSAcare membership. EMSA will contact you for your insurance information after your ambulance ride.

For More Information

Call Utility Customer Services at (405) 359-4541 to speak to a customer service representative about the program.