How to Read Your Meter

Reading your electric meters may look complicated, but it's actually easy. Reading a meter is like reading a clock: you look where the hand is pointing on the dial. A meter records the amount of electricity you use. Electric meters record your energy use in kilowatt hours (kWh).

Reading Your Meter

To read your meter, follow the steps below. You'll notice that the numbers do not all run in the same direction. Below is an electric meter for an example.
  1. Stand directly in front of your electric meter. It should look like the picture at the right.
  2. Going from right to left, record the number each dial is pointing at.
  3. When a hand is between two numbers, record the lower number.
4. If you can't decide if the hand is directly on the number, as reflected on dial E in the example to the right, you can check by looking at the dial to the right. If the hand on the dial to the right has passed "0" then write down the number the hand is on for the dial in question. If the hand on the dial to the right has not passed "0" then write down the lower number for the dial in question. For example, since the hand in dial "D" has not passed "0," dial "E" is "2."
Note: Notice the hand on the first, third, and fifth dials runs clockwise, while on the second and fourth dials the hand runs counterclockwise.

Our Meter Reading Schedule

Edmond Electric meter readers make every effort to read your meter(s) on the scheduled date each month. If you want to know the meter reading schedule for your home or business, just call (405) 359-4541.