Landscape Ordinance

Tree Removal Permits / Platting

  • Tree Removal Permits - A tree removal permit may be required in certain instances on unplatted/recently platted property. View the ordinance language and application form below. 

                  Title 8.16.100 Tree Removal, Cutting Trees, or Foliage

                  Tree Removal Permit Application: Online Form or PDF

  Tree Removal Permit Process (flow chart)

           ***Verify with other departments or organizations the need for other applicable permits, such as a Land Disturbance Permit, which is not approved by a Tree Removal Permit.

  • Preliminary Plats - Ordinances requiring tree preservation on new residential plats were adopted in March 2021. 

                 Title 21 - Subdivisions. Applicable ordinances are found in:

                              21.01.010 - Submission of Preliminary Plat

                              21.02.160 - Provision of Forest Area

                              21.02.170 - Tree Preservation Required

                              21.03.113 - Tree Protection

                              21.03.114 - Tree Planting

                              21.07.040 - Maintenance Bond

                  Tree Preservation Ordinance Fact Sheet

Site Plan Applications

  • Amendments to the Title 22 Zoning Ordinance were enacted on January 1, 2018. Landscape code language may be found in Chapter 6, Site Design Standards.
  • Landscape Site Plan Application – This form must be submitted with each Site Plan Application and includes a checklist of required landscape plan elements for the recent Title 22 changes.
  • 2018 Required Landscaping Calculator - Calculate landscape area and plant unit requirements using this automated spreadsheet.
  • Standard Details - Download these Title 22 compliant standard details for use on landscape and tree preservation plans. 

Tree Planting DetailTree Protection Area Detail

  • Approved Professionals - Title 22 updates include professional requirements for individuals designing landscape plans, performing tree resource evaluations, and preparing tree preservation plans.                

Apply to become “Alternatively Qualified”   

View public listings of approved professionals

Landscape Inspections

  • Landscape Pre-Installation Meeting – In order to provide better guidance during the construction process, Urban Forestry has implemented a new process for communicating with applicants throughout the duration of their projects. This meeting will be scheduled for every project subject to an approved Site Plan at the same time as the Building Permit's Fire Rough inspection and must be completed prior to performance of the Landscape Final inspection.
  • Tips for Passing Landscape Inspections

Edmond Tree and Landscape Guide

  • Edmond Tree and Landscape Guide - This supporting document to Title 22 landscape requirements includes information that will help applicants effectively navigate the site plan, zoning application, tree preservation and landscape installation processes with ease. This guide is also available in a print version.
  • Landscape Maintenance Handout - Another supporting document for Title 22 landscape requirements, this resource overviews recommendations for maintaining a compliant landscape after a development has been completed. It includes information related to general landscape maintenance, tree pruning practices, and natural area management.

Replacements and Modifications

  • Non-residential properties seeking to make site modifications that will not require a
    Site Plan application will be required to replace any plant material that is
    removed/impacted per Title 22.6.1(D)(8)(c).
  • Landscape Replacements and Modifications resource - A supplementary resource which provides guidance related to this section of Title 22.