Visit the Arboretum

The Margaret Annis Boys Centennial Arboretum is located at the south end of Bickham-Rudkin Park on E 33rd Street between Boulevard St and Bryant Ave.  It may be accessed by parking near the dog park on E 33rd street and following the main trail to the south end of the park, or by parking in the Whispering Heights playground parking lot off of Meadow Lane and following the trail south.

About the


Edmond's arboretum boasts over 100 specimen trees of various native and ornamental species.  It provides a unique park experience where residents may observe and learn about different tree species that grow well in Central Oklahoma.  The Bickham-Rudkin park trail loops around the perimeter, and between the riparian area on the north side and the native prairie in the center, birdwatching opportunities abound.  Some additional features include:

  • Signage indicating many trees' common and botanical names, mature height and various characteristics of the species, denoted by special icons. View the Key to these tree characteristic icons.
  • A weeping Japanese pagoda tree that was transplanted from the Mercy Health property on I-35 in 2011. This unique tree is thriving in its new home as a focal point in the center of the arboretum!  
  • "The Owl and the Oak" sculpture by Thomas Zimmer.  The sculpture was carved by chainsaw from the large post oak by the Tennis Center at Danforth and Bryant that died in 2010.