Celebrate Arbor Week


Arbor Week is the celebration of trees and the many environmental, health, social and economic benefits that they provide to our community. Edmond celebrates with events throughout the last full week of March, which falls during the week of March 20th-25th in 2023. See below for ways to get engaged in this year's Arbor Week activities.

Celebrate Arbor Week

Plant Trees for Arbor Week!

Celebrate Arbor Week by participating in a community tree planting event! The Arbor Day Tree Planting will take place on Saturday, March 25th, 2023 starting at 10 AM in Gossett Park (717 University Dr). Volunteers should wear comfortable clothing, close-toed shoes and sun protection. Work gloves and some tools will be provided, but volunteers are encouraged to bring their own shovels if available. Lunch will be provided for volunteers afterward. Sign up to volunteer!

Participate in the Urban Forest Scavenger Hunt

The Urban Forest Scavenger Hunt is a family-friendly activity that Edmond residents may participate in to learn about trees, spend time in nature, and win prizes! Kicking off during Arbor Week, the scavenger hunt will include tree stations located in public spaces such as Downtown Edmond and local parks. Each station has educational content surrounding a theme, and participants can submit an entry at each station they visit in order to place their name in a drawing for a variety of tree-related goodies.

Join a Tree Walk in the Arboretum

Edmond's Urban Foresters will lead a tree walk on Thursday, March 23rd at the Arboretum in Bickham-Rudkin Park. Enjoy the arboretum and learn about Edmond's urban forest! The tree walk begins at 10 AM, and participants should meet at the circle parking area adjacent to Whispering Heights Park west of the intersection at Pepperdine Ave and Grandview Ter.

Visit the Arbor Day Art Show

The Arbor Day Art Show puts on display the first-third place and honorable mention Arbor Day Art Contest pieces from each participating Edmond school. Using the theme "Trees in Our Town", students create artwork surrounding their interpretations of the community’s trees. Artwork for the 2023 Arbor Day Art Show will be on display at the Edmond Historical Society & Museum (431 S Boulevard), from March 11th through April 29th. 

Plant Trees or Care for Your Trees at Home

Arbor Week is a great time to plant new trees and provide care for existing trees in your yard. View the links below for resources to use when planting and performing maintenance on your trees.

  • How to Plant a Tree – Planting technique has a significant impact on tree growth and survival. Learn how to properly plant a tree through this Essentials video.
  • Proper Mulching Technique – Learn how to give your trees the benefits of mulch while avoiding techniques that can cause greater harm.
  • Pruning Young Trees – Late winter/early spring before buds open is a great time to prune trees to improve branching structure and remove defects. 
  • Hire an Arborist – Poor maintenance practices can have a lasting effect on trees, causing unnecessary stress and less than optimal branching structure. Especially after the impacts from the 2020 ice storm, Urban Forestry recommends entrusting your trees to an ISA Certified Arborist for major pruning or removal needs.
  • Test your Soil before Fertilizing – People are often tempted to fertilize their trees regularly, under the belief that all trees need it. However, this should only be done when a mineral deficiency has been identified through a soil test, to prevent harmful effects of applying minerals in excess, such as reduced resistance to pest infestations. Soil samples may be sent off through a local county extension office to determine any needs for amendments.

Kids Resources

In addition to joining in the Urban Forest Scavenger Hunt activity, here are some fun educational tools and activities for families to enjoy at home, or for teachers to use with their students: