Residential Pickup

Waste & Trash Collection

Solid Waste Services provides refuse-collection service for all Edmond residences. Your collector is responsible for about 900 homes and 1100 carts each day!

Refuse Carts

As part of your weekly service, you are issued one wheeled refuse cart with a lid. The cart is the property of the City of Edmond and is permanently assigned to the residence address. The 105-gallon cart is designed to hold up to 200 pounds.

Using City-Coded Bags for Additional Trash

If you occasionally have an overflow that your trash carts will not hold, you may place the excess in city-coded bags that may be purchased at Edmond retail stores. You will need to schedule a bulk pickup by calling (405) 359-4541. Please keep in mind that the collection of excess city-coded bags will occur during the bulk collection schedule for your location, not at the same time as your normal collection. There is no fee for bulk collection of city-coded bags

Additional Carts

You may need to use two carts if your cart is overflowing every week. The cost of additional carts is $7.00 per month which is added to your utility bill. This is just over a dollar per week, which is much less than purchasing city-coded bags each week.

Pickup Process

Automated refuse trucks increase productivity and decrease chances for injury to our employees. Using hydraulic controls, the driver guides a robotic arm out to grasp, lift, and dump contents into the hopper on top of the truck. The automated collection system requires adequate room for the robotic arm to grasp the cart. Carts must be placed at least four feet from obstructions, such as mailboxes, recycling bins, other carts, city-coded bags, fences, meters, poles, and landscape materials.

Tips for Collection

Carts are collected once per week on the same day as the curbside recycling collection. Use these tips for trash collection:
  • Crews may work until dark if it is necessary to complete routes.
  • Curbside recycling and trash collections are on the same day but at different times with different collection vehicles. For more information, see the Recycling Collection page.
  • Keep at least four-feet clear around cart to allow the robotic arm to grasp it.
  • Place the cart within 1 foot of the curb before 7:00 am on the designated collection day to ensure service.
  • Place the cart so that the handles are toward the house and the lid opens toward the street.
  • Remove the cart from the curb / roadside after collection to prevent vandalism or theft. For more information, see the Damaged / Missing Cart page.
  • Trash should be bagged before you place it in your cart. This helps tremendously to prevent litter from blowing on windy days.
  • Trash should not stick above the top of the cart.
* Carts not in compliance may not be picked up. A $20 go-back charge may be applied.

Cart Tips

Follow these refuse cart tips:
  • Don't put hazardous liquids or chemicals such as paints, oil, corrosive solvents, pool chemicals, or pesticides in the cart. Many liquids or chemicals may become dangerous and hazardous when mixed in the cart or in the collection vehicle.
  • Don't put construction debris in your cart, such as bricks, concrete or tile.
  • Even though your cart is sturdy, it can melt so never place hot ashes in it.
  • Do not place tires in your collection cart. Tires cannot be accepted in residential pick up.
* Carts not in compliance may not be picked up. A $20 go-back charge may be applied.

Customer Notification Tags

Please read the customer notification tags the collector leaves on your cart. It is the only way the collector has to communicate if there is a problem with the collection service. Tags let you know what the problem is and how to correct it. If you have questions, contact Solid Waste Services at (405) 359-4541.

Ask a Question / Report a Problem

If you have a question or problem, contact Solid Waste Services at (405) 359-4541.