Sidewalk Partnership Program

If you have a damaged sidewalk or one that could be a safety hazard, the City of Edmond has a program that could assist you in having the sidewalk repaired. Your City Council adopted and funded a program to assist residential homeowners repair sidewalks that are in the city’s right of way.

Qualifying for the Program

The following criteria will help you determine if your sidewalk qualifies for the program:
  • You agree to all of the terms and conditions of the program.
  • You will provide the matching funds before the construction or repair.
  • Your home construction is fully completed; it is located in an established area or neighborhood and is currently occupied.
  • Your property is located in the corporate (city) limits of the City of Edmond.
The damage to your sidewalk falls within one of these categories:
  • The deterioration in your sidewalk has resulted in buckling or jutting that extends at least one inch above the rest of the sidewalk and is a safety hazard for pedestrians.
  • Your sidewalk has an area or areas that have settled at least one inch below the rest of the sidewalk.
  • Your sidewalk has cracks or separations that are at least 1.5 inches wide.
  • Your sidewalk has sections that are missing or sections that have so many cracks that pedestrians cannot step from one section of the sidewalk to another.

Apply for the Program

You can apply online using the Online Application Form.

Program Provisions

The City of Edmond will identify and recommend maintenance options that include:
  • Grinding
  • Materials
  • Partial repairs and/or complete replacement of the sidewalk sections in need of repair
  • Tree removal

Please Note

The City’s participation is subject to availability of funds. If your sidewalk qualifies, the City will pay for 70% of the repair or replacement costs. For every $100 of work, you pay only $30! Before you are asked to make a decision, you will be provided an estimate of the cost for the repair or replacement.

For more information, call (405) 216-7770.