Edmond Crime Stoppers

Crime Tips

Do you know information that could help solve a crime committed in Edmond? Please share your crime tip. You can remain anonymous and may receive an award.

How to Share Your Crime Tip

Form Tracking Number

When you submit your information with the Crime Tip Form, you will be given a tracking number. Save this number. You will need the tracking number to:
  • Check on the status of your tip
  • Provide more information
  • Receive an award for information leading to an arrest, if an award is offered.


Monetary rewards are not offered for all crimes. However, if your information assists in solving a crime, you help us take a dangerous criminal off of our streets. You’ve provided a great service for your community!

Reward Notification

The following are reward notification methods:

  • If you provide your name, we will contact you if an award is offered and your information leads to an arrest.
  • If you remain anonymous, save the tracking number. Contact (405) 359-4645 at two-week intervals to check on the status of your tip. When you call, your tracking number is used to check your tip.