Office of the Chief

The Office of the Chief is responsible for the overall operation of the department. It is staffed by both sworn and non-sworn personnel and is directly responsible for budget preparation, management, strategic planning, crime analysis, intelligence, planning, research, uniform crime reporting, and professional responsibility.

Public Information Office

  • Press Releases
  • News Conferences
  • Media Contact
  • Social Media Contact
  • Grant Writing

Budget & Professional Responsibility

This office is commanded by a captain. The office has many responsibilities including:
  • Preparing and providing oversight for the department’s budget
  • Responsibility for strategic planning preparation and oversight for the department
  • Managing and conducting internal affairs investigations for the department
  • Overseeing the department’s crime analysis and intelligence operations
  • Overseeing the planning and research activities for the department
  • Overseeing the uniform crime reporting for the department

Crime Analysis / Criminal Intelligence

  • A commissioned officer performs crime analysis / criminal intelligence gathering for the Police Department.
  • Crime trends are analyzed to forecast future crime probabilities and information regarding criminal intelligence is scrutinized and disseminated to the department as necessary.

Planning & Research

  • Researches and tests new equipment, software, ideas, applications, etc., to improve the service of the Police Department
  • Gathers data and prepares the Edmond Police Department Annual Report