Review Process

SPRT Review & Recommendation

Comments & Recommendations

Within 30 days of receipt of a complete and corrected site plan application, the Site Plan Review Team (SPRT) shall notify the Planning Commission in writing of its finding with any comments or recommendations on the application.

The SPRT leadership officials will provide a report with finding and recommendation to the Planning Commission and, in the case of an appeal or variance, to the City Council.

Special Conflicts

It is recognized that due to the unique conditions presented by some conversion projects and the nature of special limitations on a site, particularly in the built environment, there may be applications that will present some special conflicts complying with all parts of this Ordinance. It is also recognized that these conflicts will arise in 20% expansion projects where the original construction did not incorporate the standards listed in this Ordinance. In those cases, the SPRT recommendation shall outline the justifications for these minor variances and the Planning Commission may incorporate these recommendations into their action for approval.