Review Criteria

Criteria for Site Plan Applications

In determining whether to approve, approve with conditions, or deny a site plan application, the Planning Commission will consider the following factors:
  • Ingress, egress, internal traffic circulation, off-street parking facilities, loading and service areas, and pedestrian ways are designed to promote safe, efficient vehicular circulation, pedestrian movement, parking, and site serviceability.
  • Positive physical impact on the public health, safety, welfare, and convenience of persons residing or working in the area.
  • The plan is in compliance with Planned Unit Development Master Plan Design and requested variances from Chapter 6 and compliance with other applicable city regulations.
  • The plan is consistent with the applicable provisions Chapter 4, Chapter 5, and Chapter 6 of Title 22.
  • The standards in Section 22.6.5 of Title 22, Sensitive Borders Standards, are met when multiple-family or nonresidential uses are proposed within 300 feet of any residential property.
  • There are adequate existing and proposed water, sewer, and stormwater drainage facilities in accordance with the requirements for these facilities as specified in the City Code. View the City Code of Ordinances.
  • There is adequate utility access and easements to serve all buildings, structures, and other facilities on the site.
  • There is visual compatibility in regard to the height, area, yards, and overall mass, as well as parts of any structure or attendant facilities, with the character and development of the surrounding area.
  • When multiple-family or nonresidential uses are proposed adjacent to existing, less-intensive, multiple-family, or nonresidential uses, the site plan emphasizes quality design and landscaping to minimize the impact of the project on the established area.
  • When multiple-family or nonresidential uses are proposed adjacent to major arterials, the site plan emphasizes quality design to maximize the natural features of the land and create a safe and visually pleasant driving experience by placing substantial landscaping adjacent to the public right of way.