Planned Unit Development

Planned Unit Development Information

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) may be used to permit new or innovative concepts in land utilization, master-planned communities, or mixed use developments that other districts do not easily accommodate. A PUD also provides site-specific compatibility standards. While greater flexibility is given to allow special conditions or restrictions that would not otherwise allow the development to occur, procedures are established to ensure against misuse of increased flexibility. Planned Unit Developments are appropriate in areas where the Edmond Plan reflects either the specific uses proposed in the PUD or where the Edmond Plan reflects mixed use. Please read Section 22.3.4 in Title 22 for more details on the PUD process and review.


The fee for rezoning to a PUD is $150.

PUD Master Plan Requirements

A property owner or property owner's agent may initiate an application for PUD designation by submitting an application for master plan review with the Planning Department. The following information shall constitute a PUD master plan:
  • A general circulation plan for the entire parcel that shows major pedestrian / bicycle and automobile circulation routes and connections to the public right-of-way and sidewalk system
  • A general drainage plan for the entire parcel that shows in general,but without detailed calculations, how stormwater shall be handled and how the system shall interconnect with the city's stormwater system
  • A proposed land-use map that clearly indicates the location of all proposed open space and indicating each part of the open space as to whether it is proposed to be publicly or privately owned;
  • A proposed master plan that shows the locations and intensities of all proposed land uses, supported by calculations showing the effective density
  • Access roads, service drives, parking areas, open spaces, and other infrastructure intended solely for the property owners of the PUD shall not be maintained or improved by the city. At a minimum, such facilities shall be constructed in compliance with the standards for public facilities set out in Title 21 of the City Code unless provisions are specifically waived, conditioned, or otherwise adjusted by the appropriate city entity in writing
  • Outline of plan (or draft documents if available) creating the proposed property owners' associations and covenants, if applicable. Where the property owners' association will be responsible for fees on any privately-owned, required open space, and / or maintenance of any required open space, public rights-of-ways, stormwater facilities or sewer and water lines, the documents shall include a fiscal feasibility analysis showing how the operations of the property owners' association shall be financed, including provisions for a sinking fund for eventual replacement of facilities; final documents will be required with the final plat.
  • The application for PUD and master plan approval shall include all contiguous property under the ownership or control of the applicant.