Individual Pavilion Photos & Descriptions

Creek Pavilion in Central State Park

Creek Pavilion sits near a point close to the water. Creek Pavilion is the most requested one, due to it's beautiful setting. It also does not have picnic tables around it. This pavilion has a lot of space surrounded by trees. The lake shoreline is very close compared to the other pavilions.
Creek Pavilion 1
Creek Pavilion 2
Seminole Pavilion in Central State Park

Seminole Pavilion sits away from the water, but is still close enough to fish and toss rocks. This location has many picnic tables around it. It is a good pavilion to rent to large groups, because the groups can spread out around the pavilion. 
Cherokee Pavilion 1
Seminole Pavilion 2
Cherokee Pavilion in Central State Park

Cherokee Pavilion sits up the hill from the water. Down the hill by the shoreline are big rocks, boulders, and plenty of places to fish. Getting down to the water is somewhat difficult. Anyone with disabilities would have trouble getting to the shoreline. This pavilion also has picnic tables nearby.
Seminole Pavilion 1
Cherokee Pavilion 2
Caddo Pavilion in Scissortail Park

Caddo Pavilion sits away from the water, but is still close enough to fish. This pavilion does not have additional picnic tables around it. It also has a large open area nearby - perfect for volleyball. 
Caddo Pavilion 1
Caddo Pavilion 2
Comanche Pavilion in Spring Creek

Comanche Pavilion sits up high from the water and is very secluded with many trees packed in tightly around it. The water cannot be seen from this pavilion and it sits alone at the end of a cul-de-sac.
Comanche Pavilion 1

Osage Pavilion in Edmond Park

Osage Pavilion sits next to Edmond Park Beach and is close to the water.  This Pavilion is slightly larger than the others offered around the Lake.  There is no fireplace at Osage, but it does offer an additional electric hoop up for blow up rentals.  This pavilion is near all the action the park has to offer.