Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport

Airport - Runway 16-34 North End

The Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport (KGOK) “The Front Door to Your Community and A Gateway to the World”. The Airport operates through an intergovernmental agreement between the growing communities of Guthrie and Edmond, Oklahoma, since 2004.

Over the last 15 years the partnership between the two member cities, have been crucial to the success of the airport. Without the unique partnership between Edmond and Guthrie, the airport would not be where it is today. The Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport is recognized by the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission as one of our State’s Premier Regional Business Airports and was voted Airport of the Year in 2006 and 2014, by the Oklahoma Airport Operators Association (OAOA).

Located in Guthrie, just seven miles north of Edmond and 30 miles north of Oklahoma City, the airport is in close proximity to major highways and the metropolitan area. It is not only vital to the economic development and growth of our communities, but to the entire North side of the Oklahoma City Metro Area. The Airport has a 5001’ “jet capable” runway with GPS/WAAS approaches and is home to over 125 general aviation aircraft and continues to grow each year with an estimated 30,000 operations per year. These operations include aircraft testing and inspection, corporate business jets, single prop aircraft, emergency response aircraft, and flight instruction.

Occupying more than 400 acres, the airport has space for major growth and development and continues to grow each year with a total economic impact of over $19 million annually. The Airport’s Master Plan reveals future expansion in the North West Development area and Commercial Hangar sites available in the Corporate Development area of the airport. Both areas will allow for an additional 26 hangars to be built, estimating approximately 65 more based aircraft.

Each year the Airport hosts a multitude of aviation events such as the Santa Fly-In held in December, movie nights at the airport, open hangar days, airport tours, field trips, Summer Aviation Program, Pancake Breakfast, and of course, the Annual Fly-In and Community Day held in September. Don’t miss out on all the excitement and the really cool airplanes here at the airport.

More Information

For more information, call (405) 282-2312 or visit the Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport website