Stormwater Quality & Management

About Us

Edmond's Drainage Utility was created in 1994 to coordinate the Stormwater Quality and Floodplain Administration programs in order to ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The goals of the utility are to improve the quality of surface waters within the community, and to help reduce the loss of lives and property from flooding events. To achieve these goals, the utility is funded by a stormwater drainage system service charge that appears on your monthly utility bill if you own residential, commercial or industrial property, or educational facilities in our city. 

The Stormwater Drainage Advisory Board

The Stormwater Drainage Advisory Board (SWAB) oversees the activities of the utility, and is comprised of two council members and three community volunteers appointed by the City Council. Activities of the utility include:
  • Design of various stormwater projects and the administration of all SWAB-approved drainage improvement projects
  • Long-range stormwater management planning
  • Stormwater Quality

Floodplain Management

Edmond has adopted proactive ordinances and performs additional floodplain management activities that help to reduce the dangers to life and property that can be caused by flooding. Because of this program, you may be eligible for discounts on property owner's flood insurance premiums. (Edmond is a Class 6 Community under the National Flood Insurance Program's Community Rating System.)

Drainage Utility Improvement Projects

A major activity of the Drainage Utility is that we fund construction projects that help lessen flooding and drainage problems. We also provide funding for regional stormwater studies to be proactive in preventing problems in the future.

Stormwater Management Functions

  • Design specifications / contract bids
  • Drainage and stormwater detention studies
  • FEMA Community Rating System and floodplain management programs
  • Field surveys, flood control
  • Flood zone determinations - more information at FEMA's website
  • Related citizen questions and concerns
  • Stormwater design for various projects