Commercial & Residential Development Plan Review

Reviewing proposed plans for residential and commercial construction; assigning addresses and approval of street names.

Traffic Management

Managing Edmond's vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic for safety and efficiency.

Planning & Public Works Projects

Designing and reviewing city improvement projects such as sidewalks, sewer and water mains, street overlays, etc.

Engineering Services

Maintaining records of plans and maps; drafting for the improvement projects listed above.

Contact Information

City Engineering

Ph: (405) 359-4770
Rendi Wehr
  • New program development and initiation
  • Public Works projects design and analysis
  • State and federal grant administration

Engineering Plan Review

Ph: (405) 359-4766
Mariah Fields
  • Site plan and plat review for new development
  • Stormwater drainage and detention review
  • Public utility extensions for new development
  • Water and sanitary sewer service taps
  • New commercial driveways
  • Related citizen questions and concerns

Traffic Planning

Ph: (405) 359-4775
Tom Minnick
  • GIS Technical Committee
  • Intersection and roadway design
  • Management of federal-funded projects
  • Related citizen questions and concerns
  • Signal coordination plans
  • Street lighting and signs
  • Traffic projects
  • Traffic studies

Public Works Engineering

Ph: (405) 359-4798
Steve Lawrence
  • Capital improvement administration and design
  • Engineering Services Supervisor
  • GIS Technical Committee
  • Internal construction contract review
  • Pavement Management System Director
  • Public Works design
  • Public Works Review Team Chairman
  • Street overlay / construction administration and design
  • Water and sanitary sewer design

Project Engineering

Ph: (405) 359-4779
Harry Fenton
  • Capital Improvement project status
  • National Bridge Inventory System Coordinator
  • Private utility permit information

Engineering / Public Works Info

Ph: (405) 359-4770
Rendi Wehr
  • Engineering Bonds / Certificate of Insurance
  • Engineering inspection fees
  • Engineering status reports
  • Public Works Committee and Stormwater Drainage Advisory Committee Agenda and Meeting Minutes
  • Public Works contracts

Other Engineering Services

Rae Reese
  • Assignment of Addresses - Ph: (405) 562-8506
  • City maps and street index
  • Easement files
  • GPS / conventional field surveys
  • Maintaining city standards
  • Utility easement locations
  • Wye locations, not tap approvals

Engineering Inspection Functions

Ph:(405) 359-4773
Ken Miner
  • Construction material grades and testing
  • Inspection of street and storm sewer construction
  • Pre-work conferences
  • Related citizen questions and concerns
  • Report and record preparation
  • Water / sewer line construction testing and inspection