About the Engineering Department

Our department is dedicated to providing technical service and expertise to the City Council, developers, contractors, city departments, and citizens. We do this as it relates to the expansion of the city's infrastructure and capital improvements. Our goal is to do this effectively, timely, and reliably. Our department consists of three divisions: Administration, Drainage Utility, and Engineering Inspections.

Our Mission

"To facilitate the orderly growth of the community by providing quality planning, design, and construction of the public infrastructure."

Management of Capital Improvements & Private Developments

One of the major duties of our department is the management of all capital improvements and private developments. This includes those funded by the Capital Improvement Project sales tax extension. By using our department this way, the growth of our infrastructure can be accomplished in an efficient, cost effective manner.

Transportation & Traffic Operations

The city's transportation system and traffic operations will continue to be a high priority for us in an effort to meet council goals. Emphasis will be placed upon safety, mobility, and access management. View the Transportation Master Plan document, developed for the City of Edmond to the year 2025.

Drainage Utility Division

Drainage Utility will work toward increasing the protection of life and property from flooding, and improving the quality of stormwater runoff that enters Edmond's waterways. We will continue to use funds to construct projects that help drainage and flooding issues, perform a series of required activities under the city's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Stormwater Quality Permit, and conduct regional drainage studies.