Edmond Electric's History

From the, History of Edmond, OK, by Fordice

"Page 34, Electric Power Plant"

"The bond election of 1908 was not only to cover the installing of water and sewage systems but also the construction of an electric power plant. The issue was for $85,000 in 1909. A small electric plant was erected to be used in furnishing power for the pumps and also to furnish electric power for the town. By 1921 the town demand had out grown the capacity of the plant. The town council in January, 1921, contracted with the Oklahoma Railway Company to furnish electric power at a flat rate, to be distributed to the citizen's through the local plant and offices. Approximately 2,000 kilowatts are received and distributed daily."

January 11, 1907

Mayor Ringer listened to a proposition from A.H. Vance to furnish the city with a waterworks and light plant.

March 5, 1907

At the Chamber of Commerce meeting this month it was unanimous by all members present that an effort be made at once to get the matter of the water works and electric light plant on its feet. A petition was made to the mayor to call a special election to vote bonds adequate enough to cover waterworks and more than likely an electric light plant. The Chamber of Commerce stated that they are determined to boost Edmond and that they mean to secure advantages such as water works, electric light, sewer, gas, etc.

August 15, 1907

It was moved by M.E. Wood that the council take up the electric light franchise no. 32. The motion carried and the electric franchise was approved. Voting were Webster, Huffman, Bryant, Farrar, Barber, and Wood. There were a total of six yeas and no nays.

August 19, 1908

On Saturday the power and light plant was officially turned over to the city. It cost $45,000 to build and there were 25 arc light regulators and transformers as well as eight miles of copper wire and pole lines with complete equipment of arc lights, transformers, and other fixtures.

June 20, 1918

Ordinance #137 states that all electric current shall be used through meters at the following rates:

50 kilowatts and under shall be $0.125 per kilowatt, 50 to 125 kilowatts shall be $0.10 per kilowatt, more than 125 kilowatts shall be $0.09 per kilowatt. A minimum charge of a $1 shall be made from and after July 1, 1918. Meters shall be read by the superintendent between the 20th and 25th of the month and all revenues will be turned over to the city clerk and they shall keep a record and collect. (From City Council Minutes of the Meeting Book)

July 22, 1920

Edmond to have "Great White Way." Council voted to place ten clusters of lights on each side of Broadway, between Second, and Main Streets, the two main business streets."

March 8, 1934

The Edmond Sun installed a typesetting machine as well as discarded its gas engine and has substituted electric power.

December 9, 1937

An article in the Edmond Sun on the front page printed the resolution that the city should build its own power plant. It states that they should put forth every effort to procure said municipal plant, and inform the public of the steps, procedure, and expenses to procure the same. The resolution was submitted by Otis Stark, City Clerk; Dr. J.C. Morgan; and Bud Kale, Mayor.

December 16, 1937

An article in the Edmond Sun by Nick McGowan regarding the council resolution on the city buying its own electric plant, he stated, "The people should back the City Council in any action they take."

August 18, 1938

The City of Edmond has reduced the electric rates according to Jack Griffin, the city manager. They went to the one meter system so it gave every consumer a reduced rate.

The new rates:
  • 1st Step30 KW @ $0.07
  • 2nd Step20 KW @ $0.06
  • 3rd Step150 KW @ $0.045
  • 4th Step800 KW @ $0.04
  • 5th Step1000 KW @ $0.035
  • 6th Step3000 KW @ $0.03
  • All over this @ $0.02 The minimum is a $1

June 27, 1946

The city reduces rates for electric users. The reduction will shave between $1.56 to $9.00 per year for users. "The City of Edmond depends almost entirely upon the revenue from the light department to finance all branches of the city government."

July 12, 1954

Councilman Bryant recommended that the following rates by implemented on or after July 15, 1954. Motion seconded by Councilman Adamson, motion carried.
  • Residential: first 14 kWh or less $1, next 36 kWh $0.07, next 100 kWh $0.045 , all over 150kWh $0.02
  • Commercial: first 14 kWh or less $1, next 36 kWh $0.07, next 950 kWh $0.04, all over 1,000 kWh $0.02

October 14, 1954

The Edmond City Council accepts electric plans. There is construction of the high voltage lines around town so different areas may be tied to it.


Electric Department installed first underground lines in Chowning Heights and College View Additions.


Because of the rising wholesale electric rates, the City of Edmond joined the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority for all power requirements. A cost benefit analysis of the electric system performed by C.H. Guernsey and Company concluded that, "Edmond should keep its electric system rather than sell it."


Edmond Electric received the first ever Don Howland Electric System Safety and Operations Award in recognition of its 70,000 hours of accident-free construction and maintenance work.

February 2001

Edmond Electric was the first municipal electric utility in the State of Oklahoma to be honored for its work in preserving trees and encouraging public safety. We received the Tree Line USA award given by the National Arbor Day Foundation.


Edmond Electric submitted items to be added to the time capsule for the state's centennial. We added a map of our distribution area, a photograph of current employees, a plug-in hybrid car resolution from Mayor Naifeh, and a letter from Mayor Naifeh about Edmond Electric's Wind Power Program.