Building & Fire Code Services

Our lobby is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Permit requests, trade licensing and correspondence can be processed by email and payments processed via telephone.

Please review application requirements that are applicable to your project before submitting your application. 

 Email Building Administration:  E-mail
 Building & Fire Code Services Main Phone Line:  (405) 359-4780

Our Mission

"To provide professional support to the community involved with building or altering the built environment of the community and to protect the health, safety, and public welfare by enforcing the currently adopted building, state, and local codes consistent with the policies and ordinances adopted by the City of Edmond."


Edmond’s Building & Fire Code Services ensures the safe and lawful use of buildings through the issuance of building and trade permits. Our goal is to promote safe, quality living and working conditions through efficient use of available resources in every aspect for the citizens of Edmond. Our main actions include:
  • Perform Plan Reviews
  • Issue Building and Trade Permits
  • Inspect Properly Permitted Projects

Safeguarding Swimming Pools