Inspection Scheduling

Check results, schedule, cancel, or reschedule Inspections

The City of Edmond is now offering text message scheduling for inspections. See the information below on how to schedule, cancel, or reschedule your building inspections using express commands and inspection codes. Inspection results may also be obtained using this method. For further assistance, please call (405) 359-4780.

Schedule by Text

  1. Enter one of the following into your text messaging app
    2. CANCEL
    4. RESULTS
  2. Send the text message to 877-780-8210
  3. Follow the interactive prompts for entering your permit number, inspection code, and other details.
    • Permit numbers are found on the top right corner of your Building Permit and are formatted (Prefix)(Year)-(5 digit number)

Inspection Codes

101Building - Interior Demo Inspection
102Building Ceiling Inspection
104Building Final Com Inspection
105DG Final Inspection
106Residential New Final
107Building Final Res Inspection
108Building Footing Inspection
109Building Rough Inspection
110Building Wall Inspection
114Deck Bonding Inspection
115Water Final PW (Reinspections)
116Driveway Permit Form
117Drive/SW Form
118Driveway/Sidewalk Final Bid
119Driveway Permit Final
123Electric Ceiling Inspection
125Electric Final Inspection
126Repair/Replace Final
127Electric Ground Inspection
128Electric Rough Inspection
129Electric Rough OGE/CREC
130Electric Temporary OGE/CREC
131Electric Underground Inspection
132Electric Wall Inspection
134Final Gas Only Inspection
135Final Mechanical Inspection
137Final Plumbing Inspection
138Final Pool Inspection
139Fire Alarm Final Inspection
Fire Alarm Rough Inspection
Fire Code Consult
Fire Code Final Approval

143Fire Code Rough Inspection
144Fire Protection Final Inspection
145Fire Protection Rough Inspection
146Final Special Hazard Final Inspection
147Fire Special Hazard Rough Inspection
148Fire Sprinkler Final Inspection
149Fire Sprinkler Hydro Test
150Fire Sprinkler Rough Inspection
151Gas Line/Pressure Test
153Hood and Duct Rough
154HVAC Changeout
155Lawn Sprinkler Final Inspection
158Mechanical Ceiling Inspection
159Mechanical Changeout
161Mechanical Drop Light Test
162Mechanical Ground Inspection
163Mechanical Rough Inspection
164Mechanical Wall Inspection
166Moisture Barrier Inspection
168Plumbing Changeout
170Plumbing Ground/Sewer/Water Inspection
171Plumbing Rough Inspection
172Plumbing Sprinkler Inspection
173Plumbing Wall Inspection
174Pool Grounding Inspection
176Service Inspection
178Sewer Line Inspection
179Sheathing Inspection
181Underground Conduit Inspection (if applicable)
Water Line Inspection

Send Express Commands

Schedule even quicker with a single message

To SCHEDULE an inspection:

SPermit NumberInspection CodePreferred date (mm/dd)
Preferred AM or PM

(Applies to specific inspections)

  • Example: "S B23-00056 100 06/07 AM"
    Will schedule a new 100 inspection for permit B23-00056
    on the morning of June 7th.

To CANCEL an inspection:

CPermit NumberInspection Code
  • Example: "C B23-00056 100"
    Will cancel the previously scheduled 100 inspection for permit B23-00056.

To RESCHEDULE an inspection:

RESCHEDPermit NumberInspection CodePreferred date (mm/dd)
Preferred AM or PM (Applies to specific inspections)
  • Example: "RESCHED B23-00056 100 06/07 AM"
    Will reschedule the existing 100 inspection for permit B23-00056
    to the morning of June 7th.

To CHECK RESULTS for an inspection:

RPermit Number
  • Example:"R B23-00056"
    Will show the results on the completed inspection for permit B23-00056.