False Alarm Ordinance


The City of Edmond False Alarm Ordinance went into effect on March 23, 1998. The purpose of the ordinance is to encourage alarm users and alarm businesses to maintain the operational reliability of, and properly use alarm systems, to reduce or eliminate false alarm dispatch requests. 

How Does it Work?

Alarm sites where three or more false alarm dispatches have occurred within six months will be identified as chronic false alarm locations. Alarm sites that have been identified as chronic will be required to obtain a chronic false alarm location permit, which is $20 and is good for one year from the date of issuance (this allows the user to operate their alarm system within the City of Edmond). The permit must be obtained within twenty normal business days of receiving notification that the alarm site has been identified as chronic.  

At the end of that year, if the site has had no further chronic false alarms, the user will not be required to obtain another permit. However, if the site still is having problems with false alarms, the user will be required to obtain another permit. Users will be notified by mail.

Violating the Ordinance

Each false alarm dispatch that is more than five false alarm dispatches within a six-month period will be issued a $280 citation per violation.  If a user continues to operate their alarm system within the City and has more than 3 false alarm dispatches and has not obtained a permit, they can be issued a citation of $280 for Operating an Alarm System without a Permit.  

Appealing a Citation

An alarm user may appeal the issuance of a citation to the Alarm Administrator by filing a written request (email) for the reasons for the appeal within five normal business days after receipt of the citation. The filing of a request for appeal stays the prosecution of the citation until the Alarm Administrator makes a final decision. The Alarm Administrator shall review the information provided (usually in the form of work orders showing repairs made by the alarm company) by an interested person. Once a decision is made, the user will be notified by mail or email. 


***The City of Edmond does not require users to register their alarm system***