Arcadia Lake Needs Analysis & Master Plan

The Arcadia Lake Needs Analysis and Master Plan – nearly two years in the making – will provide a map for the future of this exciting regional attraction along historic Route 66.

Already a popular destination for residents of Edmond and visitors throughout the region, the comprehensive review and analysis by LandPlan Consultants of Tulsa will provide a path forward for Arcadia Lake. More than $2 million has been designated from ARPA funds for infrastructure investment in support of the plan.

Draft Plan


A task force comprised of residents and frequent visitors to Arcadia Lake laid the groundwork for the plan in early 2021. Dubbed the “Dream Team,” that group – a diverse collection of members with knowledge and experience of 13 different activities available to the lake – produced an ambitious vision for the facilities. The heart of their important efforts was spelled out in their mission statement: “Create a vision for Arcadia Lake that provides a quality outdoor experience for diverse recreation while promoting environmental stewardship.”

Public input, as well, played a key role as the City of Edmond moves forward with plans for a major investment in Arcadia Lake.

LandPlan Consultants melded the “Dream Team” task force’s strategic overview with additional input from residents and visitors to Arcadia Lake, providing guidance for key additions, strategic upgrades, and far-reaching ideas to take the park to a new level.

The goal is to protect the integrity of Arcadia Lake while helping it evolve into a modern and inclusive facility that will provide amenities to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts as well as the casual visitor looking for a new experience in a breathtaking setting.

Arcadia Lake Task Force Strategy Overview