Pedestrian Mobility

Getting around Edmond walking (or rolling) is a fun, human-scale way to enact with the environment. From vibrant downtown to natural Arcadia Lake or Mitch Park, sidewalks, trails, and walkways connect our public roads.

Existing Sidewalk and Trails Map

For information on new types of pedestrian infrastructure the City may use in the future, please refer to the Pedestrian Toolbox! Pedestrian Toolbox Document Cover Opens in new window

Edmond Trails System

Information on and trail maps of the Edmond Trail system are available online via the Parks and Recreation webpage.

ADA Accessibility

The City is in the process of completing its ADA Transition plan. If your Edmond travels present an ADA hazard, you can fill out the Grievance Form online to request a change.

Sidewalk Partnership Program

If you have a damaged sidewalk or one that could be a safety hazard, the City of Edmond has a program that could assist you in having the sidewalk repaired. Your City Council adopted a funded program to assist residential homeowners in repairing sidewalks that are in the City's right of way.