Water Heater Rebate

Residential Electric Water Heater/ Heat Pump Water Heater Rebates are available for existing and new homes that are residential electric customers.

Rebates are only available for new construction installs, replacement of an electric water heater, or conversion from gas to electric water heating. 

Tankless water heaters and/ or gas water heaters are not eligible for this rebate.

Rebate Amounts

From Electric Storage to Electric Storage (or Electric Heat Pump)
  • 30-40 gallons-$200
  •  Greater than or equal to 40 gallon- $250
Fuel Switching 
  • Gas to Electric Storage- $350
  • Gas to Electric Heat Pump- $500

Eligibility Criteria

A home energy audit, inspection of the old unit, and inspection of the new unit must be performed prior to the rebate being issued.
Water Heater must be hooked up to electric service
Must purchase more than 4,800 Kilowatt hours of electricity on an annual basis
Applies to 30 gallon or larger dual element electric resistance water greater than or equal to .92 UEF (Uniform Energy Efficiency) or heat pump water heaters great than or equal to 2.2 UEF
If new unit replaces an old unit, the efficiency of the old unit must be less than .90 EF/EUF (Energy Factor/ Uniform Factor)
The new unit being installed must be found on the HRI (Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Institute) website, so that an AHRI certificate can accompany the rebate form
Limit of no more than two rebates per household
Must provide copy of the paid invoice, or receipt for the replacement unit, within 90 days of the purchase. After the 90 days, the rebate will not be processed.
All open building permits for the install must be closed, if permits are required by the member city
Rebates will not be approved for locations already rebated, unless significant building additions justify additional water heaters or at least 10 years has elapsed since the last rebate was approved for that location

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