Edmond Builds


Edmond Builds is a neighborhood-level initiative where “The Power of Two” (the City and YOU) brings the City of Edmond and your community together to improve quality of life. Edmond Builds explores opportunities for partnerships, citizen toolbox kits, and bridging gaps between City and citizen priorities by emphasizing empowerment and accountability.

Edmond Builds is the result of the City of Edmond's long-range planning efforts, including recommendations from The Edmond Plan (2018), Tomorrow's Edmond (1999), public outreach, and the City Council Strategic Goals

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The first area initiative is well underway, so check back on this page for updates!

To join the project’s email list or if you have any questions, contact edmondbuilds@edmondok.gov.

Completed Plans

Citizen Toolbox



  • Prioritize City Resource investment in previously disinvested areas
  • Identify pathways to creating public-private partnerships for mutual benefit
  • Mitigate displacement from private investment


  • Enhance quality of life for area residents
  • Assist elderly and disabled residents
  • Decrease code violations in neighborhood areas


  • Bridging gaps between stakeholders
  • Establish neighborhood connections
  • Strengthening local leadership in the land use planning process


  • Define distinct, cohesive area identities
  • Curate public spaces that serve non-traditional functions such as community gathering opportunities
  • Promote additional housing, retail, and green space types that enhance the urban fabric