About Us

The Municipal Court is the judicial branch of city government. The fundamental purpose of the Municipal Court is to provide an impartial forum for citizens to be heard in a professional and just environment on matters related to possible violations of city ordinance(s).

The Municipal Court ensures due process of law procedures and commits to administering justice in a fair, efficient and timely manner. The Municipal Court is responsible for case management, collection of fines, fees and state costs; filing citations/complaints; docket scheduling; issuing, tracking and clearing warrants; maintaining records of collections, convictions and statistical data.

Municipal Court Divisions:

  • Criminal Court
  • Traffic/Complaint Court
  • Juvenile Court

Citations for each of these divisions are issued by:

  • Animal Control
  • Building Inspection
  • Communications Department / Alarm Specialist
  • Community Image Code Enforcement
  • Edmond Electric / Meter Division
  • Edmond Fire Department
  • Edmond Police Department
  • Engineering / Environmental Department
  • University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) Police Services

Municipal Juvenile Court Jurisdiction
The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction for all cases that involve those under the age of 18 who have violated the city's nontraffic ordinances.