Arbor Week Tree Distributions

In lieu of the traditional Arbor Day Tree Planting event, free trees will be made available to Edmond residents through two distribution programs.

Tree Distribution at Pelican Bay

On Saturday, March 27th from 9 AM to noon, Urban Forestry will host a drive through tree distribution for Edmond residents at Pelican Bay Aquatic Center. 525 trees will be available in sizes ranging from 1 gallon to 3 gallon containers, and species will include Exclamation plane tree, Princeton elm, sweet gum, sawtooth oak, weeping willow, parrotia, Bracken’s Brown Beauty magnolia, Ivory Silk tree lilac, and Holmstrup arborvitae. Participants are asked to bring a copy of their Edmond utility bill to show proof of residence. Due to COVID-19, customers picking up a tree are also asked to stay in their vehicles and wear a mask/face covering. Volunteers will be wearing masks and taking safety precautions.

Downtown Edmond Seedlings

Urban Forestry is also partnering with the Downtown Edmond Business Association to make tree seedlings available at businesses in Downtown Edmond during Arbor Week, beginning on March 22nd. Participating businesses include Silver Leaf Gems, Broadway Antiques, Nelson Law, Edmond Outlook, Fields Jewelry, Evoke, Nashbird, The Coop, Rumors Salon, Autoworks, Essence of Nature, Weathers TV, Frenzy Brewing, Bison Creek Clothing, and Oklahome Homebuilders.

Contact the Edmond Urban Forestry Department at 405-359-4759 or by email with questions about tree distribution opportunities.

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