Edmond Water: Dollars & Sense


At its core, Conservation University strives to make sure that all Edmond residents, today and in the future, have access to a safe and sufficient supply of fresh water. By utilizing the strategies shared, Edmond residents will conserve both water AND money while making sure they are good stewards of our natural resource.

Oftentimes, residents inquire about why water rates are structured the way they are and where the money goes that is paid for water usage. Ultimately, Edmond Water Resources has structured rates and budgets around making sure that everything possible is done for all residents to have a safe and sufficient supply of fresh water throughout the year.

Where the Money Goes

During the 2020-2021 fiscal year, Edmond residents paid in nearly $56 million through their water and wastewater bills. Where does that money go? That money is invested directly into the water and wastewater systems to make sure that fresh water gets safely to each resident and used water gets safely to the treatment plant. Those dollars pay for water and wastewater treatment, system maintenance and large capital projects that ensure the water system complies with federal requirements and grows correspondingly with our community. Unlike many communities across the country, Edmond does not use water and/or wastewater proceeds to fund other items in the city budget.

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When the Water is Used

You will notice that the vast majority of the education within Conservation University is built around changing habits related to outdoor water use. Long-term data shows a trend of significant usage increases during the months of June – September. Most of this increase can be attributed to lawn irrigation, recreational water usage, etc. Unfortunately, facilities must be built larger to handle the peak demand that only encompasses 1/3 of the calendar year. By conserving water, residents can ensure even larger facilities don’t have to be built in the future if daily peak usage is kept steady or decreases even while our community continues to grow.

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