Urban Forest Scavenger Hunt

The City of Edmond Urban Forestry Department is excited to invite Edmond residents to participate in a new activity to engage in this year’s Arbor Week celebration. View the information on this page to learn how to win prizes and spend time outdoors through the educational Urban Forest Scavenger Hunt.
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Scavenger Hunt Resources

This year's scavenger hunt has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Urban Forest Scavenger Hunt?

The Urban Forest Scavenger Hunt is a family-friendly activity that Edmond residents may participate in to learn about trees, spend time in nature, and win prizes, all while taking part in the City’s Arbor Week celebration! The scavenger hunt includes fourteen tree stations, located in public spaces such as Downtown Edmond and local parks. Each station has information related to an urban forestry topic, and participants can submit an entry at any station to place their name in a drawing for a variety of tree-related goodies (including some big prizes at the end!)

How does the Urban Forest Scavenger Hunt work?

Maps showing the general locations of stations are available for download. Participants may find stations by visiting the area shown within the green circle on a station’s map and locating the station’s educational sign. Once at a station, participants can review the educational content and access an online entry form through a QR code located on the sign. Fill out and submit the entry form to complete an entry! The drawings for prizes will take place during Facebook live videos on Fridays at noon until the scavenger hunt ends on Earth Day (April 22nd). Drawings for the grand prizes will take place at noon on April 23rd.

What do the signs look like?

The signs are 18” x 24”, will be labeled with “Urban Forest Scavenger Hunt”, and will be placed low to the ground near a tree. Signs will be located within the green circle of each station’s map.

Who may participate in the scavenger hunt?

Anyone can participate in the scavenger hunt; however, only people who live within Edmond City Limits are eligible to receive prizes. Find out if you live in Edmond using the address locator tool.

How do I participate in the scavenger hunt?

Visiting any scavenger hunt station and completing the prompt for that station will submit one entry for a participant into the drawings for prizes. Participants can receive one entry for each station that they go to, increasing their chances for having their name drawn. Entries are submitted either through the station’s online form accessed through a QR code on the sign or by filling out and submitting the PDF entry form. Visit as many (or few) stations as you would like!

What do I need to take with me in order to participate?

You will need access to the scavenger hunt maps (for finding the stations) and a smart phone (for submitting your entries). If you do not have a smart phone, download and print the PDF entry form to fill out and return to Urban Forestry to fill out your entries. Contact Urban Forestry at 359-4759 to have a copy mailed to you.

What is a QR code, and how do I use it?

A QR code is a bar code that may be scanned by a smartphone camera to access a web page. Each station’s sign will include a QR code that will take you to that station’s entry form.

Do I have to use the QR codes to enter?

If you prefer not to utilize the QR codes, download and print the PDF entry form on March 22nd to fill out instead, or contact Urban Forestry to request a printed copy. The completed form must be received by Urban Forestry no later than April 22nd in order for entries to count.

When does the scavenger hunt begin and end?

The scavenger hunt will open at the beginning of Arbor Week, on March 22nd. Participants will be able to visit stations and submit their entries up until Earth Day on April 22nd.

What kinds of prizes will be available, and when will drawings take place?

A variety of prizes will be available each week, from books to tools to actual trees. Names will be drawn at noon on Friday of each week during a Facebook Live video. Winners will be selected from the current pool of entries, leading up to the entry deadline of Earth Day on April 22nd. On Earth Day, names will be drawn for the grand prizes, which will include a “tree planting package” and a “tree care package”. Participants are eligible to win more than once if they have entries submitted for more than one station. Grand prizes will be selected from all entries submitted throughout the entire scavenger hunt time frame. Follow Urban Forestry on Facebook to learn more about prizes available!