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What is ISO (Insurance Services Office)? 

Since the early 1970’s cities across the nation have been rated by Insurance Service Office (ISO) according to their ability to protect their communities. This rating is defined by a PPC score from 1-10, with 1 being the highest score possible termed PPC Class 1.  Insurance providers factor the ISO PPC score into their calculation to determine insurance premiums for residential and commercial policyholders.  Your insurance carrier has the final determination in setting your premiums.  

Across the country, 45,521 fire districts are evaluated, and only 393 are Class 1. This new rating places Edmond in ISO’s elusive Class 1 rating, obtained by less than 1% of cities nationwide.

The city went through a lengthy weighted evaluation process where the maximum point values were; 50 points from the Fire Department, 40 points from the Water Resources System, 10 points from Emergency Communications, and 5.5 points from Community Risk Reduction.  Edmond totaled 93.2 points putting it in the Class 1 category.