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The Edmond Fire Department is responsible for providing public fire and life safety protection by ensuring fire code compliance and state and local fire codes for residential and commercial facilities.

Some of our programs include but are not limited to: 

  • Annual fire and life safety inspections.
  • Change of Occupancy inspections.
  • Certificate of Compliance inspections.
  • Gate Inspections and Permits
  • Firework Permits
  • Open Burning Permits
  • Special Use Permits

Plan review and acceptance testing is conducted by the City of Edmond Building & Fire Code Services

To schedule an inspection or request a permit, email or call (405) 216-7303.

Preparing for a Fire Inspection

The Edmond Fire Department Prevention Division conducts fire inspections for every Change of Occupancy and on an ongoing basis for commercial businesses. It is the responsibility of the business tenants to ensure life safety codes are met. The Edmond Fire Department requests tenants to assess these problem areas to be code compliant and help the inspection process. The following is not a complete list of all fire codes but rather a list of the most common violations found in new businesses. The codes listed below are from the International Fire Code 2015 addition.  

Business Self-Inspection