Risk Management

Risk Management Division

The Risk Management Division is a part of the Legal Services Department and monitors liability and worker's comp claims assigned to the third party administrator. Risk Management handles tort claims, subrogation recovery, liability, and property insurance as well as other multiple lines of insurance for the city.

If you believe the city is responsible for damages to you or your property, you may request a tort claim form at (405) 359-4607 or download it in PDF format. This form is used for processing any claim for reimbursement of damages.

What is the purpose of "Risk Management" and how does this affect the city?

The Risk Management and Safety Program minimizes financial loss and provides the safest possible working condition for city employees. The program increases productivity, improves work environment, and enhances public safety while reducing injuries, prolonging the useful life of vehicles and equipment, and keeping the actual cost of risk to a minimum.

How do all City employees commit to this program?

Each department director, supervisor, employee, and safety manager has assigned responsibilities to ensure safe work practices to prevent accidents, injuries, and property damages.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to submit suggestions for ways to make Edmond a safer place to be, Risk Management will be glad to review them via email. We appreciate your suggestions!