Trees Still Available Through Foster-A-Tree

Urban Forestry is still accepting registrations for the popular Foster-A-Tree program! If you've been thinking about adding a new tree to your front yard this spring, the Foster-A-Tree program is a great option with minimal upfront labor and cost to the participant.  Edmond residents are eligible if their home is located within Edmond City Limits on a public street and there is space for a tree within the street right-of-way.

Here's how it works: The City will purchase and plant the tree and equip it with a watering bag.  Participating residents must agree to water their tree weekly for two years in order to help it become established and prevent stress. Urban Forestry will also return on two occasions early in the tree's life to provide necessary structural pruning, helping to prevent future tree defects.

Find out more about the Foster-A-Tree program.

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