2019 Volunteer Group of the Year

Congratulations to Edmond North High School SUN Club, recipient of this year’s Volunteer Group of the Year Award! 27 SUN Club members participated in Urban Forestry volunteer projects from April 2018 through March 2019. Projects included spreading mulch around trees, assisting with a community outreach event, and planting trees in Edmond parks.

SUN Club received two Japanese pagoda trees as part of their award, which they planted outside the north entrance of the gym at the west end of Edmond North High School. The planting also served as an Arbor Day observance which students and faculty participated in. In addition to the new trees, an ad recognizing SUN Club as recipient of the Volunteer Group of the Year Award was placed in Edmond Life and Leisure.

Urban Forestry’s volunteer program will pick up again at the end of the summer, and groups may begin earning points toward the 2019/2020 Volunteer Group of the Year Award at that time. Learn more about the award and how to earn points for your community organization at Volunteer Group of the Year Award.

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