Fairfax HOA Recognized for Tree Planting

Congratulations to Fairfax Home Owners Association, the 2018 winner of the City of Edmond’s Landscape Improvement Award! This past fall, the Edmond Urban Forestry Commission selected the neighborhood for their outstanding tree planting efforts within their community. According to Chris McMiller, an HOA Board Member, the neighborhood took over maintenance of common areas from the developer three years prior. Some trees had been lost over time, and the HOA board identified areas that were in need of new trees to beautify and enhance the neighborhood. They took action and planted over thirty trees, in addition to planting landscape beds and installing new irrigation. Further improvements included addition of new water features.

Fairfax HOA received three southern magnolia trees from Urban Forestry for further enhancing their landscape as part of this award. In addition, Urban Forestry’s Landscape Improvement Award signage is on display within the neighborhood in recognition of this achievement.
HOA Board Members
Has your neighborhood made improvements to its landscape this past year? Nominations for the 2019 Landscape Improvement Award are now open. View more information at the link below:
Landscape Improvement Award

Pictured in top right image, from left: Chris McMiller, Lacy Lewis, Jill Fant, Steve Halpern, Dan Vogel
Images below show trees planted through Fairfax HOA’s winning project and the Landscape Improvement Award sign

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