Lead & Copper Sampling

Does your home meet one of these criteria?

  • It is a single-family structure that contains copper pipes with lead solder constructed between 1983 and 1988.
  • It is a structure served by a lead service line or contains lead plumbing.

If you answered yes, it is important to know about a water sampling program currently being offered by Edmond Water Resources. High Lead and Copper levels in drinking water may be affecting some City of Edmond customers that meet either of the criteria listed above. The City of Edmond’s Water Resources Department is taking a proactive approach concerning the monitoring of Lead and Copper levels by working to expand our current sampling pool of residents. 

The City of Edmond Water Resources Department is required to collect and analyze 30 residential water samples for the presence of Lead and Copper each year. The sampling event starts on June 1st and continues through September 30th.  This annual process is mandated by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and EPA Region 6. 

Learn More: History and Purpose of Residential Lead and Copper Sampling

We are asking city residential water consumers who are genuinely concerned about the possibility of high levels of Lead and Copper in their drinking water to please fill out this form to be added to our sampling pool. This sampling program is FREE to the resident.


Please confirm that your home meets at least one of the criteria listed at the top of this page and then fill out our simple online form:
Lead and Copper Sampling Interest Form

Once your information is received via the online form, our laboratory will submit it to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) for approval as a sample location collection site.  

If your residence is approved by ODEQ, you will be contacted by the City of Edmond’s Water Resources Department prior to the annual sampling event that begins on June 1st. Laboratory personnel will do a visual inspection to confirm the plumbing meets the required criteria. During the sampling event, you will be provided with a sampling kit that will contain a sample collection bottle, instructions for sampling and a documentation form to be filled out by the homeowner to confirm all proper sampling procedures were followed according to instructions.