Trees in Action Photo Contest

The trees in our community are constantly working to provide a wide variety of benefits every day. Through the Trees in Action Photo Contest, Urban Forestry wants to see residents' perspectives of our local trees doing what they do best! Entries for the 2018 contest are now open, and this year’s theme is “Shade”.

Urban Forestry encourages creativity in entries! Trees are providing all types of benefits all the time, but entries should illustrate the impact of that benefit. For example, rather than showing a tree alone in a field with its shadow for “Shade”, show someone/something experiencing the effects of that shade. How does tree shade impact your life? Energy savings, or a cool place to sit and reflect? Be creative! We look forward to seeing the ideas that participants come up with.

Entries are due by August 31st. After the deadline, all submissions will be placed in an online album for voting by the public, and the winning participant will receive a tree!

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Trees in action 1
shade example