New Landscapes Around Town

As you’ve made your way around town this spring and summer, you may have noticed that some new trees have popped up in a few locations. One function of the Urban Forestry Department includes the planting and maintenance of trees in areas where their benefits may be experienced by the public, such as in medians, parks, and other City properties. Each year new trees are planted in order to provide shade, better air quality, reduced water runoff, mental health benefits, cooler temperatures, traffic calming, and beautification. This year, Urban Forestry planted new trees within the Chowning median, at Swan Lake/Meadow Lake detention areas, and at Carl Reherman Park. See below for more information and photos from these new plantings.

Chowning Median

In 2011, Urban Forestry kicked off the very first Edmond Arbor Day Tree Planting at the Chowning Ave median. A few years later, several mature yaupon hollies were transplanted to the area from the site of an upcoming construction project, but there was still one planting phase left to go. This spring, the remainder of trees planned for this broad median on the northeast side of UCO were installed. The growth exhibited on the first phase of trees offers a glimpse at the full, mature grove of trees that this planting will develop into in the future. Species in the new phase include cedar elm, hackberry, chinquapin oak, loblolly pine, and Canaerti juniper. (See photos at right)

Swan Lake/Meadow Lake Detention Areas

Located between Danforth and W Edmond Rd on Kelly, these two detention areas are across from one another on the east and west sides of the road. Swan Lake is located on the west side of Kelly north of Swan Lake Rd, and Meadow Lakes is located on the east side of Kelly south of Hawthorne Ln.

During Arbor Week, volunteers planted trees along the east edge of the Swan Lake detention area, which curves around to the west and south behind the Victoria Park Apartments. Additional trees were planted afterward on both sides of the road where the two areas meet on Kelly.

Species planted here include Urban Pinnacle oak, Purple Robe black locust, black pine, Shumard oak, Burgundy Hearts redbud, Arizona cypress, serviceberry, purple leaf plum, and Hetzi juniper.

Carl Reherman Park

This newly dedicated park on the west side of Arcadia Lake off of E 33rd St was the site of another 2018 Arbor Week planting. Volunteers planted shade trees and evergreens around the new picnic areas in the park, to provide shade and windbreak for future visitors. Species included Urban Pinnacle oak, black pine, loblolly pine, Caddo maple, Hetzi juniper, and Shumard oak.

Volunteer Plantings

Community tree planting events offer great opportunities for investing in and getting involved in the community. Volunteers contribute to enhancements that will have a very tangible future impact, as well as benefits for the community that go far beyond what may be seen. To find out more about Urban Forestry’s volunteer program, bookmark the Volunteer portal or follow us on Facebook!

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