Foster-A-Tree Spotlight

In addition to providing trees for individual residences throughout Edmond, the Foster-A-Tree program also offers trees to neighborhood groups for planting within the right-of-way along their community’s common areas. The Villages at Coffee Creek first received trees through this program in 2013 and has continued to embrace the opportunity to enhance their neighborhood with trees, each time they become eligible to receive more. Now on their third round of participation, the neighborhood has planted a total of 15 trees along its streets through the Foster-A-Tree program.

Debbi Watkins, a resident of Villages at Coffee Creek, has coordinated all of these plantings with the Urban Forestry Department. She says that the program has helped to get “more homeowners involved and invested in caring for our grounds, because neighbors agreed to water the new trees that are planted adjacent to their property.” In fact, when homeowners were notified about new phases of plantings, more neighbors volunteered to help care for them than were actually needed.
Villages at Coffee Creek 1
Villages at Coffee Creek 2
This enthusiasm is a great testament to the benefits that are experienced through the addition of trees within a neighborhood. Debbie says, “The new trees were a great benefit to our neighborhood, because Foster-A-Tree allowed us to replace some of the trees that had died in our area with no cost.” In addition to replenishing common areas where trees have been lost, they also screen the neighborhood from adjacent land uses such as commercial property and major roads, beautify the neighborhood, and provide shade, wildlife habitat, and ambience.

Thank you to Debbi and the homeowners in Villages at Coffee Creek for continuing to plant and care for foster trees! Would your neighborhood like to receive trees through the Foster-A-Tree program? Visit for more information about the program.
Top Right: Debbi Watkins and Kelly Raymer, residents of Villages at Coffee Creek, with  
     an Arizona cypress that was planted this fall.
Center Left: Cedar elms planted along N Kelly Ave through the Foster-A-Tree program
     in 2015.
Bottom Right: Kelly Raymer watering the Arizona cypress that he has volunteered to
     care for in Villages at Coffee Creek.

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