Sign Code Violations:

How do I get a Temporary Sign Permit for my business?

Each business within the City of Edmond city limits can purchase permits so that they can place temporary signs on site. You may come to the Code Enforcement office located at 28 E. Main St, Rm. 223 in the Downtown Community Center to fill out an application or you may fill out an application online.

Grand Opening Sign Permit Application

Temporary Business Promotional Sign Permit Application

How many Temporary Sign Permits can I get?

Most businesses within the City of Edmond city limits can purchase up to eight (8) permits per calendar year. Each Temporary Sign Permit last eight (8) days.

How much does it cost to purchase a Temporary Sign Permit?

Each temporary permit costs $20. Payment can be made in cash, check or credit card.

How many signs can a business display per temporary sign permit?

You can place up to five (5) ground signs per permit, two of which can be banners that are less than thirty (30) square feet in size.

Can I have a flashing sign in my store window?

Flashing, moving or scrolling signs are prohibited within Edmond City limits.

Can I hang pennants on my property?

Pennants are not permitted within the Edmond City limits.

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